Map & Park Rules

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OFFICE HOURS: 8AM to 5PM Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm Saturday and Sunday. 
FEES & CHECK IN/OUT TIMES: All fees are payable on arrival, or are to be a minimum of 1 week in advance at all times. Weekly Rates are only applicable if the Accommodation or Site is booked at the weekly rate, not on an accumulation of days. Check-in time for all powered sites is 10:30am, check-in for all units is 2pm. All sites and units must be checked-out by 10.00am. Late Checkouts can be arranged with prior approval during quieter times.  All Units & Cabins must be left in a clean & tidy condition, or a cleaning fee will apply.
VISITORS/GUESTS/CONTRACTORS: “ALL” Visitors, Guests, and Contractors MUST report to Reception before entering this property.
MOTOR VEHICLES: The park roads are Shared Zones, with a Max speed of 5KMPH. Any vehicle travelling greater than walking speed will be banned from the park. Visitors and Contractors vehicles must park in the street in front of the park, unless prior permission has been granted by Management. Only one vehicle is allowed per site. Extra vehicles MUST be parked on the roadway outside the park, unless permission has been given by Management.
DISPOSAL OF RUBBISH: Please dispose of rubbish at the Rear of the park. The Skip Bin is used for General Rubbish, and Recycle Bins are provided for Recyclable waste. Disposable nappies must be wrapped & bagged.
DUMP POINT: The Dump Point must be used for all Night Buckets & Toilet Cassettes. No effluent is to be placed down the Toilets whatsoever.
AMENITIES: Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied to the Amenities by an Adult at all times. They will be closed for cleaning 9-9:30am (Men), and 9:30-10am (Ladies). No entry is permitted during these times, however in an Emergency, the first cubicle in the alternate toilets may be used.
Gas BBQ’s & Camp Kitchen: Free BBQ’s and a Camp Kitchen are provided for guests only. Please ensure they are left in a tidy state, for others to use.
Accommodation/Sites: If Accommodation or Sites are left in an unacceptable condition, a Cleaning Charge at Managements discretion will be applied.
NOISE: All forms of noise are to cease at 10PM. Failure to observe this can lead to immediate eviction from the park, without refund.
DOGS/PETS: All Pets must be on a leash at all times, and any droppings are to be picked up immediately. Owners will be given a separate guide on arrival. Pets are not allowed in Park Accommodation (Cabins or Units), Pool, BBQ or Amenities Areas under any circumstances.
: Your Tourist Site boundary is marked with yellow lines on the road, in front of your site. Nothing is to encroach onto other sites. No tarps or ground covers are to be placed on any grassed area, however shade cloth is permitted.
ZERO TOLERANCE:  Failure to follow the Managers instructions, Bad Behaviour, Swearing, Fighting, Excessive Consumption of Alcohol, use of Illegal Substances, Breaking of Park Rules, SPEEDING, or Damage to Park or Others property is not tolerated. Any form of these will lead to Immediate Eviction without refund.
Vehicle/Caravan Repairs or Servicing: No Repair or Servicing is to be undertaken without prior approval from park management.
LAUNDRY: Coin operated washing machines and dryers are located in the amenities block. The Cost is $4.00 per cycle, and change can be obtained from Reception. Laundry Powder can be purchased from Reception, and Loan Irons are also available.
CLOTHES LINES: Five (5) are available outside the Main Laundry. No other Clothes-lines are to be erected within the park whatsoever.
POOL HOURS: 7AM TO 6PM, unless otherwise signed. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied & supervised by a responsible adult at all times.
CLOSEST SHOPS: Golden Beach shopping centre is about two minutes walk from the park. Access to the walkway is via the gate, at the rear of the park.
PUBLIC PHONE: The closest public phone is located at the Golden Beach Shops.
SCOOTERS, RIP STICKS, SKATEBOARDS, & BICYCLES are NOT to be ridden in the Park Grounds under any circumstances.
PARK RULES: These rules have been put in place, to ensure your stay with us is a safe and enjoyable one. Should anyone have any queries about the above, please feel free to see us while we are around the park, or at Reception. If there is anything further we can do to improve your stay with us, please let us know and we will do everything possible to ensure a great stay for everyone.

Scott & Jenna (Resident Managers)